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Thank you everybody for your contribution, support, good wishes, love, and kind thoughts! I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude to all the people around me who genuinely want to help…

Here is the link to the fundraiser:–3/x/122755

Any help spreading this message will be highly appreciated. Thank you!

PS To claim your incentive please e-mail me

  • $15 or more you get one of my crocheted toys (an uki or an ochopod)
  • $25 or more you get another crocheted toy (sneal, baby penguin, papa penguin or “nugget”)
  • $100 or more you get a free private class with me, Charles Askenaizer (who helped me to set up this fundraiser) or Mara Goldfine
  • Special offer the first person to donate $150 or more will get a private class with Gabriel Helpern from Yoga Circle

PPS If you want to know more details about my story feel free to read my post “New Life”