About Me


I was born in Ukraine and moved to the US in 2009. My yoga journey started a few months before I left my home country with an amazing teacher named Shalinder Negi, who studied at the Shivananda Ashram in Rishikesh. Since that time I knew I wanted to be a yoga teacher. Upon moving to the United States, I maintained daily personal practice for three years until I found Alternative Health Group yoga studio. Tim Suh and Rhiannon Kirby inspired me to take the yoga teacher training and focus on the Shivananda and Ashtanga (modified primary series) lineages. Later I did prenatal yoga training with Cassie Rodgers and apprenticed with Jenny Fishman. Then I was happily continuing my yoga education through apprenticeship with an amazing teacher Gabriel Helpern until I was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

After successful surgery, rehab, radiation and chemo, I’m back to teaching. I’m so grateful for many regular students who came to my classes when I just started teaching again. Having that surgery really changed my perspective on many aspects of my life including practicing and teaching yoga. I believe that this experience helped me to become more compassionate and patient. Now, I can relate to and not just empathize with so many more people.

My background in architecture helped me to be creative and to see the body as a structure. Experience in childcare enhanced my flexibility and patience. My practice of martial arts deepened my discipline and perseverance. My cancer treatment taught me even more about being patient, it taught me deeper compassion, maintaining positive attitude and not giving up.

In summer 2016 I completed jumpstart course in Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT), and started applying this new knowledge in my personal practice and in teaching.

My goal is to share the knowledge of yoga with others to strengthen their health and awareness, bring more happiness and balance into their lives, and help to deepen their practice. Yoga is one of the paths leading people not only to better health but also deeper into themselves. I see my students as fellow travelers and encourage their striving for growth. The most important things yoga taught me is that true happiness comes from within and that through selfless service one can share it with the whole world.